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Hey guys last week I had met one of the independent model of Sheetal Khan at my hotel, And found the service was great. the way your booking office followed things so that we get the best staff. The girl Rita was wonderful company and service wise the best Chennai escorts I have met till date. only one thing you guys need to look into the time frame you guys say in 1 hours but by the time she calls or comes it is almost 2 hours


It was Sunday that day when I was in Chennai for some official work and was getting bored at the hotel so happen to call one of the number where i reach sheetal khan booking office after speaking to the booking office I felt I might have reached a call center, however I provided my hotel details and a beautiful lady name Rita comes to meet me, Oh she was beautiful sexy Chennai escorts I had ever seen in Chennai then we sat and spoke to each other for almost 30 mins, when we both were on bed I had the fun of my day of making love will never forget her service that she had provided. If i happen to come to Chennai again mean I will try to book the same Chennai escorts


One of the best experience that I would like to share was when I had been to Chennai and met one of your chennai escorts name Rita, nothing much to discuss on it because your girl and there service is awesome however please try to keep some people who can speak or understand good english in your booking office.


good Sheetal you were great for company and service. next time when we meet see to it that your roaring is in control, the way your roar on bed I leaked twice just because of your roaring, Yes I admit that you were like a hot utensil kept on fire. First time in my life came across you and liked it you are the best chennai escorts I have ever met.