Bibhisha Shah

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Bibhisha Shah | Independent Urappakkam Air Hostess Escorts service girl

Howdy Chennai ! Me Bibhisha Shah, an ex-model and now working as Urapakkam Air Hostess Escort along with my regular job in a well known International Airline Company.

I love meeting people. I am socialite and I like mingling around with influential and authoritative people. Love pets and I have two dogs : English Mistiff and a Lab. When I am home, I like spending time with them along with cooking and watching TV.

Why Independent Air Hostess Escort profession ?

Simply because I love a lavish lifestyle. I love wining and dining with influential people and hang around with elite class. I am a businesswoman also and I invest money in shares and properties. All this needs money and Escorts profession is the one which is worth my profile and it serves the value of my services. Moreover, the liberty to be physical with different men is also quite addictive.

Having said so, I do not mean, I can date or be with any men. Most of my clients are all known faces in their cities and are mostly businessmen who need relaxation after their work. Like sipping in couple of pegs of scotches  on the rocks accompanied by a sexy, seductive women like me. Sex is just a part of intimacy not the only thing in physical and mental pleasure we get out of sexual intercourse and that is the reason I am very selective about my client as a Chennai Air Hostess Escort.

Privacy and Secrecy is very important for me as Independent Escort

I ensure hundred percent privacy of my client and expect the same from them. Unless, I am pally with a man and get to know enough about his background, I do not say yes for service. It is important to maintain a healthy mutual relation which lasts long. Keeping this in mind, I meet people. Most of my clients are regular ones and we meet at frequent intervals to chat, talk and have intimate sex and ensure nothing goes out of the room.

If you wish to be one of my long term friend please call up my booking office and book me as per availability.